Drum & Bass / Jungle Showcase

We had some outrageous nights in Sub Club.

We had some outrageous nights in Sub Club.

Unleash the Beast (UTB) was the first event we put together inspired by our desire to let loose and by the fact that nowhere was doing this style of music in Glasgow when we started it up. In the interest of filling in niches, we stepped in. For two and a half years we held down a residency at Sub Club every few months on a Thursday night, keeping the novel atmosphere of the night alive. Our reputation for bringing in local DJs, producers and MCs, as opposed to bringing in established bookings, promoted a grassroots ethos and established a strong local community. Each night we would explore a different side of the genre, from smooth liquid DnB to oldschool jungle and the occasional bit of hardcore. D'n'B aficionados, dedicated junglists and new-found lovers of the genre came from all over Scotland to dance erratically in the face of the infamous Sub Club sound system amongst an array of jungle-themed decor. Now our showcase is mobile and could come to a venue near you.

If you are looking to hear some jungle in Glasgow we are now running a regular collaboration with Handpicked at The Art School doing a jungle/hip-hop cross-overs.

This showcase is available for hire.
E-mail: russ@frogbeatscollective.co.uk
Phone: 07976197528


  • Tuscan Whale (previously known as Denney)
  • Pharo
  • Rize
  • JMD

Past Guests:

  • Jamin Nimjah (BBL Soundsystem)
  • Snow Fox
  • MC Rasta Locks (SonarFM)
  • Markey
  • Dom Y2D (Xplicit)
  • MC Jayspliff Dubulo
  • Crackle Crew Sound (CC Sound)
  • Breezak Bass (Bass Alliance Sound System)
  • Odolwa
  • MLW (Philanthrobeats)
  • MoMo


The Crew

Russell McMahon
Co-Founder / Manager

James Harrison
Co-Founder Resident DJ / Designer

James Denney
Resident DJ / Artist

Alex Holman
Resident DJ / Designer