It was through freepartying and raving in Manchester that Tuscan Whale first acquired a taste for jungle and D&B, fast forward a decade and he’s putting out weekly masterful sets onto Facebook live from his a mahogany clad study. The venue isn’t as rowdy but the tunes still are.

As one of the original members of Frogbeats, Denney (Tuscan Whale) put out the first ‘Frogcast’ and was a staple act at Subclub night Unleash the Beast. Capable of dropping some of the heaviest and most diverse Drum&Bass sets that Glasgow and Manchester have to offer. Tuscan Whale’s early break-heavy sounds are likely still reverberating between the walls down at 22 Jamaica Street but he has moved onto new sounds.

During the evolution of Denney’s productions, fans have been taken on a journey from jungle to trip-hop to hip-hop and  back again. Forever collaborating and experimenting, Tuscan Whale’s ear is never locked onto one frequency. From cutting and slicing breaks on 2015s ‘Breathe/Time’ EP to delicate rolling trip-hoppy soundscapes, each release is carefully thought out and moving.

Currently regularly DJing on db9radio and producing under the alias of Presence, Denney has returned to his beloved jungle breaks and minimal D&B.

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