Originally from Edinburgh, Russell found a passion for underground music when he moved to Glasgow in 2011 to study. Inspired by the close-knit scene and the diversity of music on offer, he decided that he wanted to promote this eclecticism through DJing under the alias Sombadi (sometimes Rush). Russ co-founded Frogbeats when the company started up as an earphone distributor before transforming it into the events collective it is today. He's one of the key brains behind Unleash The Beast, Scantily Clad and Hip Hop & Jungle - Frogbeats' three biggest projects. His open-minded approach to music and knack for bringing the right people together keeps the collective constantly evolving.

Under the guise of Sombadi, Russ has played gigs all over the UK including at The Art School (Glasgow), Tamesis Dock/Fox and Firkin (London), The Mash House/Cabaret Voltaire (Edinburgh), Eden Festival, Kelburn Garden Party and Knockengorroch World Ceilidh to name a few. His eclectic style and impartial selections are characterised by bright brass, funky breaks and basslines, groovey guitar riffs and gyrating disco rhythms. Always on his toes looking for new music to keep things fresh, his style is easy to get up to but hard to pin down.

Sombadi is also part of the Wobbley Social Crew known for their legendary closing sets at Eden Festival's Furry Chillum stage.

Bookings: russ@frogbeatscollective.co.uk.