Russell has overseen Frogbeats' journey through the Glasgow music and club scene. From the early days of pioneering and distributing earphones, his fine-tuned ear and openness to new sounds have brought him from quality earphone distributor to nightlife innovator.

He came to Glasgow in 2010 and, moved by the interactive nature of the city’s nightlife, Russell began to promote events. Standing on street corners, promoting for Mungo’s Hi Fi, Sleaze Records and Boom Bap, he crossed paths with James, aka Pharo. A love of jungle music quickly flourished as the two froglets flicked through James’ brother’s stacks of Drum&Bass records.

In no time flat they had established a night at Subclub. Unleash the Beast brought DnB to one of Glasgow’s supreme clubs and brought the jungle sound to a city that had never seen it regularly before. The seed was sown.

Russell continued to create platforms for innovations in the Glasgow club scene. Scantily Clad was a project driven to modernise the feel-good rhythms of jazz and swing, bringing yet more party goers together in the name of dancing without inhibitions.

With sets characterised by funky breaks and basslines, groovy guitar riffs and gyrating disco rhythms, Sombadi has brought his nomadic style to the turntables of The Art School (Glasgow), Tamesis Dock/Fox and Firkin (London), The Mash House/Cabaret Voltaire (Edinburgh), Eden Festival (Wobbley Social Crew), Kelburn Garden Party and Knockengorroch World Ceilidh to name a few.

Somadi’s selection does not stop when he leaves the DJ booth. He ensures that no two Frogbeats nights are the same. Drawing from the Scottish fields of festivals and art, Russell has brought live graffiti and a jumbo-Roland 808 into the club environment.

From handing out leaflets on street corners, Russell now orchestrates nights drawing queues that stretch round the block. Selling out the Art School on numerous occasions for the majestic Hip/Hop & Jungle nights.

An enabler of great collaborations, it is his knack for detecting new sounds and movements and bringing them together that keeps the Frogbeats collective evolving.