Taking on the alias of the masked boss of the Woodfall temple from video game Zelda, Colin has ventured into the Glasgow nightclub scene to form an integral part of the Frogbeats collective.

During his time in Dundee, he co-ran a night with Anikonik called Subversion drawing in a niche but committed crew of steppas from the east coast. This formed a basis for the celebrated Mains Castle parties which brings together selectors and henchmen and women from Drum & Bass’ upper echelons, from Jungle Nation to Electrikal Sound System.

Always immaculately crafted and clean, Odolwa’s productions have explored many levels of Drum&Bass. From laying liquid beats onto the deep and minimal sounds (exemplified in his track “Errors”), Colin has moved onto a more dance-floor friendly format. Influenced by Zinc as well as the scene that has been emerging around Frogbeats, Odolwa has now taken on a playful, punch-drunk feel to his productions. His bouncing Moving Shadow’s remix in 2016 paves the way for this new compelling sound.

Alongside his productions, Colin has pursued the cutting-edge art of VJing, personifying the multifaceted creative network that Frogbeats aims to create. He is interested in how sensory ebbs and flows can draw someone into a space, be it through a sound system or a projector.

The club is a temple and Odolwa is the boss of it.