With two decades of experience in the game, J.M.D is an aficionado of the old school with a masterful grasp of Hip-Hop, Jungle and Drum & Bass.

J.M.D is a turntablist with a love for anything that has a breakbeat. While attending raves in the early 90's J.M.D witnessed the birth of jungle and fell in love with the genre from day one. At the age of 17 he played his first rave dropping jungle records while everyone else was playing techno. Not happy being a run of the mill DJ he taught himself to scratch after seeing DJ QBert compete in the DMC world DJ comp. In 2013, along with Al The Kemist and Anikonik, he started the Junglism nights in Dundee pulling in guests from as far afield as London. J.M.D, is renowned for his turntablist skills, having played B2B with world champions and the best in the Scottish hip-hop scene. When you see him live expect all aspects of the art of DJ;n to be in show, from scratching, beat-juggling, turntable drumming, word play and three deck mixing using vinyl.

For bookings contact info@frogbeatscollective.co.uk