J.M.D considers himself lucky to have been around when jungle first emerged on the UK hardcore scene. But tracing Jamie’s career back to his debut when he was 17, it’s evident that the jungle scene is lucky to have J.M.D.

Throughout the illustrious lifetime of drum & bass, J.M.D has never been found far away from a breakbeat. From absorbing the raw sounds of 90s hardcore raves, today he plays out the breaks in Glasgow and beyond.

In 2013, along with Al The Kemist and Anikonik, he started the Junglism nights in Dundee. A scene that has grown to become a leader in UK D&B, culminating in the Mains Castle raves.

From hip-hop to liquid, Jamie has seen the breakbeat develop and moulded his mixing style accordingly. He taught himself to scratch after seeing the legendary DJ QBert compete in the DMC world DJ competition. Using this sound to work with some of the finest MCs in Scottish Hip-Hop.

He has experimented with and then mastered the arts of scratching, beat-juggling, turntable drumming, word play and three deck mixing using vinyl. These tricks he keeps behind the decks, ready to reveal and move a crowd’s feet.

At the Frogbeats Unleash The Beast, Subclub night, J.M.D played a jungle set on three Technics turntables for the first time. He has made DJing on this pioneering set-up a habit.

The capacity for trickery attracted J.M.D to Hip-Hop and Jungle but he has played sets of every style of dance music imaginable, from US House and Garage to Belgian Techno and Rotterdam Gabba.