Welcome To The Jungle #2


Denney Vs. Pharo
Sub Club, 22 Jamaica St



Azim: The Beast Diaries

—++-+—+-+–…—..—.-decrypting—-..—-.-decrypting—.-…—..-..————- decryption complete….message follows—++-+—+-+

It’s been six long weeks since we unleashed whatever it was that burst through the boundaries of good taste and decency. Now, the heat is on. The excretia we left on Jamaica Street has started to harden, even been swept away… Hey, its not like I ever done anything that really merits the attention of those proud guardians of society, but if you spend enough time with your feet on either side of that invisible line between criminality and the law, you end up pissing off everyone. So I had to run. There’s men out there, wearing those proud blue uniforms who would love to rearrange my face, and after what went down last time, I don’t want to give them the excuse.

I write to you from an undisclosed location. I can say this though - it’s alot hotter, the cops are more direct when they threaten to open your throat over the equivalent of 80pence, but atleast here - more so than in Dear Glesgae - a gentle smile combined with a hard stare can resolve most minor differences. Or sometimes just have fast legs. You can tell who are the tourists and who are the long termers; the tourists wear sandals, the long term guys wear running shoes - you work it out. Right now I’m drinking water that has a stronger taste than the espresso I ordered with it. Luckily I’ve smoked that many cigarettes through existential terror that I can’t taste anything any more. Who cares though, right? They say taste is 80% memory, and I still can remember when things were sweet…

However, scurrilous gossip aside, big things are ahead. After last time I didn’t see Yuri for weeks. Apparently he went back to Novosibirsk to consult with his gran, who’s like the Head Shaman or something out there. She tried some ceremony, some ancient messed up Russian folklore to try and dispell what we unleashed at Sub Club last time. It almost worked.

So, what now? I think, the beast waits, and roams the alleys at night. Take care, denizens of the Clyde - because that monstrosity is still out there. I finally got through to Yuri, and he reckons the beast will reveal itself again soon, hungry for more blood. So, I ask you. Come. Come all of you. Have you ever noticed when a phat beat drops, or a rhythm surges and pounds throughout a crowd - all our energy and effort combines into this seething miasmic force? With all this energy combined, the beast has no chance. So I say again, to all of you, all you rave pixies, all you priests of rhythm, unite at Sub Club on the 26th of January.

Last time we unleashed the beast. Now, either we control it, or face being totally consumed by its dark energy. Its not about hedonism any more, its about our very survival.

======= Azim