Welcome To The Jungle #1


Wolfgang Vs. Pharo

Sub Club, 22 Jamaica St



Azim: The Beast Diaries

—++-+—+-+–…—..—.-decrypting—-..—-.-decrypting—.-…—..-..————- decryption complete….message follows—++-+—+-+

It was Thursday 15th of December - Halfway through a winter that so far hadn’t failed to entertain. Instead of the presumed apocalyptic snow-fall, our Celtic weather gods had instead decided to be “that guy”… Sending us a hurricane who’s speed was matched by the flow of smart arses on Twitter deciding that even in these harsh economic times, hearing the bins banging about slightly more than normal is grounds for a day off work. Someone lost a few tiles down Possil road. Def-con 5 troops! Meanwhile in our Palace of Bones, plans were being made for the evening. “Baws tae bawbag” (thought we) “Lets finish this vodka, raid your nan’s medicine cabinet and hit town.” Spirits were high, the ladies and gentlemen gathered in one place to synchronise their expectations and effort into one unit, dedicated to one another as they were to whatever temple that would be serving the evening’s program of beats and excess. At point one Yuri leant over the former zoological shipping crate that serves as our kitchen table and study, his expression markedly conspiratorial, even for a former mercenary. “Not Sub Club tonight, Asim, please. I hear dark whispers…” Me, I don’t have time for Yuri’s Siberian premonition bullshit. Not now.

But he won’t let up. “If we go in, we go in… but the whispers are of some dark power, to be unleashed, tonight, here…” I think the mad tool has had one two many diazapam voddies, so he gets sent packing. His un-hip demeanour wouldn’t get us past the door and I’m out of favour round here since the time I did that thing you can do with an extension cord.

Descending into Sub Club and I knew instantly Yuri had been right all along. My ears were greeted by rhythms that bounced and weaved through an ecstatic crowd of genuine D’n’B fanatics, the whole set up given sonic backbone by the Sub Clubs legendary ‘no-shy-wi-the-bass’ sound system that grunted and pounded all night like a randy Tyrannosaurus. The atmosphere was sublime for a Thursday, a night generally viewed by Glasgow clubbers as the day of the week that’s best thrown in the canal. The Frogbeats production team got it right with the set up, with jungle camo and smoke framing the crowd of hardcore Junglists and rude girls that gathered in front of a leapord skin DJ booth to celebrate everything that is BIG, PHAT and HEAVY. DJs DENNEY & PHARO showcased the best of what makes us bounce with 3 hours of shameless jungly fun.

All those who trekked home under the snow that morning knew that knew things would be different. The game has changed. They have Unleashed the Beast.

======= Azim