UTB#5: Review


FROGBEATS: a night where you simultaneously know exactly what to expect and yet have absolutely no idea what’s going to hit you. The set was seamless. The post-Sub Club crowd were grinning underneath the bright lights of Jamaica Street. The beast was very much unleashed.


As you walked down the stairs underneath Jamaica Street and heard the rolling grooves rumbling through the room there was a definite sense that the next day was going to be a write-off. Guest SNOW FOX began the evening’s proceedings with some cool-headed, down-tempo tunes to ease revelers into the night over a few reasonably priced drinks, before handing the reigns over to the night’s residents DENNEY and RIZE.

Then the first dose of drum & bass kicked in, people instantly cut the conversation and rose from the booths around the edges of the dance-floor, donning their war-painted bass faces underneath the jungle netting. The DJ’s groomed the crowd on the sly; they started slow, made everyone comfortable in their experienced hands, and before you knew it everybody was unanimously thrown into a compromising, sweaty position by uplifting jungle beats. Crafty.

Although it wasn’t packed to capacity, the dancefloor was the way you’d want it to be: enough room to lunge and skank to your hearts content, but full enough to see the wide-eyed appreciation of everyone dancing just as madly around you. Given the scarcity in Glasgow of a proud night of jungly mayhem, this was one that would not be quickly forgot. From Dub Phizix to Benny Page, Breakage to Aphrodite, DJ Hazard to Shy FX, 200 DnB heads definitely got what they came for – a banger of a night.

See the photos from the night here and we also caught all the action from behind the booth courtesy of our friends over at SonarFM.

Roll on UTB#6 | Thursday 25th October
DnB / Jungle showcase 
Monthly Thursdays @ Sub Club