Tribal Dance w/ iAM, Frogbeats

By Russell McMahon



"WHO doesn’t like Tribal?" Exactly the thought that went through our heads when we decided to collaborate with iAM for the final slot on their April line-up - a month which puts Sub Club in a quarter century of existence, making it somewhat a household name to its locals.

Tuesday nights at Sub Club have seen the iAM crew work with a pool of talented, in-the-know DJ’s week in week out. This month Blawan kicked off iAM’s April festivities. Following that, a 90’s rave saw them fill the club to the brim for a wild night of good-old 90’s dance classics, and ofcourse an all residential with Beta & Kappa could not go amiss. 

iPhone photo of the set up, but you get the idea.
On Tuesday the 24th of April the scene was set for the finale of an incredible month for iAM as we transformed the concealed, low-lit venue - which lies paralleled with Glasgow’s Sub Way line - into a junglist haven for an unforgettable night of ‘Tribal Dance’. Our very own Jungle specialists Denney & Pharo and iAM residents Beta & Kappa were joined by MC Eazi Riddim and around 300 revelers in about an abundance of obscure camo nets, green illumination and tribal artwork as the ferocious sound of the Sub Club system powered through the night. Spinning out everything from House to Jungle, from the Africana to the Americana, the continental sounds provided the energy as those present rekindled their primordial instinct of dance.

MC Campeasy (Chungo Bungo) w/ Pharo

You can see all of the photos from the night here.

Next up is UTB#4 on Thursday the 17th of May 
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