Twisted Kaleidoscope: New Resident Chris Kelly (Bigfoot's)

By Russell McMahon

With a scorcher of a night settling in the dust behind them thanks to some French flair from Phil Weeks (Robsoul Recordings), Perth outfit Twisted Kaleidoscope are rolling up their sleeve for their next party of 2013.

Chris Kelly; Resident DJ at Bigfoot’s & Twisted Kaleidoscope.

We’ve been following Twisted Kaleidoscope since we first found a love of their underground house/tech sound. This was back in October ‘12 when Esa headlined at The Ice Factory. You can see an interview with founders Findlay Jamieson and Garry Traill HERE. Now over two years old the collective have opened their doors to a new resident, and that resident goes by the name of Christopher Kelly. Having played with TK on previous occasions - he headlined their notorious all-day summer party in 2012 - they could think of no one better to deliver the goods. You may have heard of Kelly before from Bigfoot’s - he has been a resident with them ever since they started out 4 years ago. Bigfoot’s are recognised by techno-heads all over Scotland for throwing one stupendous party and they were included in Mixmag’s top 10 club nights in the UK for 2012. With Chris’ years of achievement and experience playing with the likes of Ambivalent, Camea and Christian Burkhardt, TK have their arms wide open and are looking forward to a new era. As commentators on the Scottish scene, we have arranged an interview with the man of the moment along with a little mix you can find below.

Hi Chris, so we’ll cut to the chase. You’ve played with TK on previous occasions. How did you end up falling in with the crew?

How I met the boys from TK is quite an interesting story. A few years ago I applied for a job to be a deckhand on a ship sailing from Scotland to the Indonesian island of Komodo. As it happened Findlay, Gaz and Gregor were also accepted for the same position. We became good friends in the lead up to the voyage whilst we completed our training. On the first day we set sail it became clear that we were surrounded by a gang of necrophiliac cannibals. At that point the decision was made to jump overboard. We washed up on shore somewhere near Southend-on-sea and had a fair adventure to return home. I think because we shared that experience it meant we were friends for life.

You co-founded Bigfoot’s who are notorious for throwing some big parties over the last few years. In your opinion what makes a ‘good’ night?

The music is the most important thing. If the tunes sound decent it’s going to be a good night. One thing we’ve tried to do with Bigfoot’s is focus on the production of the night. We spend a lot of time to ensure that the venue sounds great and is visually pleasing. The sound of the night should always be the main focus, I don’t think you can compromise with that aspect any way. Visuals definitely add an extra dimension to the night, helping to create an all encompassing experience. In my opinion it makes the night a lot more enjoyable. Although you can work hard to ensure your putting on a well organised night, the people who attend are the key to how special the whole night will be. There’s nothing better than being in a club with like minded people who are passionate and knowledgeable about the music. Where everyone is up for going a bit wild and having a good time. That leads to the best nights out i think.

Have you got any big plans for your set at TK?

I don’t know if you could say i’ve got big plans to be honest. Recently I’ve been playing more stripped down Techno tracks and I’ve always been in to music that sounds slightly weird and abstract. So I guess my set will probably sound like that. I normally just play tracks I like and hope someone is up for dancing to them.

And finally, if you were stranded on an island and you could only have 5 records with you, what would they be?

Thats a really tough question to ask anyone. I’d probably change my mind daily about which records I’d like to have. Ah well, i guess I’d say:

1) Plastikman - Spastik.
Probably an obvious choice from me but it’s the best record. It would always be my first choice.

2) Butane - Hey Hipster.
I could listen to this song on repeat for days. a Sick bass, unsettling vocals and weird synths. What more could you ask for?

3) Womack Womack - Teardrops (12” Extended).
This song is perfect. It sounds great at any time. It’s impossible not to dance and sing along to this record.

4) Polarius - Nemo Airfield.
This is a really good tune. It has such a ace vibe about it. Nina Kraviz played this track when i was in Panorama Bar. It’s definitely one of my favourites.

5) David Bowie - Oh You Pretty Things.
Can’t leave Bowie out. He’s the greatest man to walk the earth. In fact i’d be pretty up for having only Bowie tunes with me.

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