The Glasgow Culture Clash: OPTIMO | MUNGO'S HI-FI | SUB CLUB | ARCHES 21.'


A colossus party is about to go down in Glasgow (Thursday 18th October, 2012). They’ve recently been helping make history at the edge of space, but tonight the eyes of the Red Bull turn to Scotland for the Red Bull Culture Clash.

This club night will see four of Glasgow’s most prestigious and renowned outfits descend upon one of Scotland’s most notorious music venues, and no doubt a heap of loyal followers will be close behind them. If you’re reading this from within the confines of Glasgow, and you’re into electronic music, then there’s a good chance you are one of them.

Veterans Mungo’s Hi Fi, Sub Club, Optimo and Arches 21 + their respective guests are taking over the vaults of The Arches from 9pm - 01:30am for all out sonic warfare, but who will be victorious?

We’re going down to find out.