Frogbeats X Hndpckd. Live at Sub Hub 9/4/15

By James Denney

In the run up for our collaborative party on Saturday 11th April the Frogbeats and Handpicked crews got together over a few beers at Sub Hub to chat shit and broadcast some choice grooves.

With only a couple of days to go until the party the hype is gearing up. At Sub Hub head honcho Mr. Tuner provided an impromptu selection of cuts from the crates

I’ve known Mr. Tuner for a few years now, seen him perform countless parties, and watched as Handpicked became a name in the Hip-Hop game. His love for digging through the crates both dusty and digital, his productions and his enthusiasm has elevated his crew’s parties to the next level. Expect the flavours of the Handpicked crew all night long in the Vic.

I’ve played jungle and D&B in Sub Club alongside Rize and Pharo for Frogbeats’ ‘Unleash The Beast’ for 3 years. Sub Club will continue to be a great venue, but for this Saturday we felt like stepping up the size of the system and production with the extremely talented Too Much Fun Club who will be drawing live on stage to the good vibrations of the Frogbeats crew, accompanied by animated projections mapped in real-time to their drawing.

Rize puts emphasis upon the old school for this one bringing back that timeless sound which will be in abundance on Saturday.


Posted on April 10, 2015 and filed under podcast.