Interview: Keep It Rolling

Ahead of our big party tonight at Sub Club, we caught up with the trio that make up the Keep It Rolling crew to pick their brains about music and where the hell they popped up from. Over the past year, this crew have been throwing some riotous parties with a penchant for big sounds in intimate venues. Safe to say, we are very excited to have them joining us a Jungle & Breaks this Sunday - a gig that has literally been years in the making since they were young lads coming out to our old Unleash The Beast nights. We're tipping this crew to go far!

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Frogbeats: So, how did Keep It Rolling all begin? 

Keep it Rolling: It started as a nameless one off UK Garage and Jungle night at Flat 01, looking for an opportunity to play the music we love through a big system. We were really blown away by the response and before the night was even over we were offered a monthly residency at Flat 01. The DSR system really helped kick things off and we still have them in for almost every resident night. Today we strive to keep building on that experience every month by collaborating with different visual artists, DJ’s, and throwing themed parties around the city.

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Frogbeats: Tell us a bit about your backgrounds?

Colin: I grew up on a small island on the west coast, moving to Glasgow in 2012 was really where I got my first taste of proper electronic music, I started of DJing mainly Techno and House at parties around the city but I always had a love of Jungle and Garage and UK Bass music.

Finlay: Growing up just outside of Glasgow, my first exposure of Bass Music was from my brother who introduced me to early Dubstep releases from labels like Big Apple, DMZ, and Tempa. After becoming addicted to this sound I started learning to DJ - first on midi controllers and later progressing to vinyl. My first experience of gigging was as a resident DJ for 'Too Much Hype', playing mostly Grime, UK Garage, Dubstep, and forward thinking Club music.

Michael: I started out as a bedroom producer. Typical 15 year old: hammering out illegible noises from a cracked version of Fruity Loops. A few years down the line and started producing drum and bass - landed a track on Radio 1 and somehow scored my first ever show opening for Sigma in the old Saint Jude’s. Since then I’ve tried to balance selection and production, although still stay true to my good ol’ Mixtrack Pro II.

Frogbeats: Tell us track that never gets old no matter how much you hear it?

Keep It Rolling: Pendulum – Tarantula… Wait sorry we meant Sam Binga & Om Unit – Windmill Kick

Frogbeats: What is your favourite thing about the Scottish music scene?

Keep It Rolling: People in Scotland (especially Glasgow) just go hard. We have a much shorter space of time to party in clubs with the 3am curfew so people really pack a full night of partying into those 4 hours. For such a comparatively small country there’s a really good amount of musical diversity, which has only really been getting stronger and stronger. 

Frogbeats: Who are your favourite DJs? 

Colin: It changes so much but recently i’d have to say Serum, some of the double drops he conjures up are out of this world

Finlay: Om Unit. Seen him a couple of times at Kelburn and other festivals and have been blown away every time.

Michael: Noisia. More for their ‘Noisia Radio’ shows. Always showcase very interesting and different sounds.

Frogbeats: What would be Keep It Rolling’s dream gig? 

Keep It Rolling: That’s a tough one to call. We all share the opinion that jungle and drum & bass is best enjoyed in intimate environments, and gigs like the warehouse project and huge productions don’t seem to carry the same energy for us – so it’s hard to dream up a massive gig when that’s not what we’re after. Although if anyone wants to book us to play Fabric…

Frogbeats: Where do you see Keep It Rolling going in the next 3 years?

Keep It Rolling: At the minute we’re just trying to build relationships with all the promoters, clubs and DJ’s that we can. Glasgow’s been really good to us and right now we’re really looking for opportunity’s to take our party to new cities and festivals across the UK. We’ve been thinking about introducing Keep It Rolling as a pseudo-label through Soundcloud as we are all producers – but will see where that goes. Keep locked for mad dubzzzzz.

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Posted on March 11, 2018 and filed under events.