Happy Birthday Dear Beast

By Russell McMahon, Marketing Director

This month (Dec 2012) marks the first anniversary of our jungle / drum & bass showcase ‘Unleash The Beast’, and we can’t believe how time has flown. Since our humble beginnings confined in the basement of Sub Club we’ve seen our first club night progress as one of Glasgow’s most unique club night offerings demonstrating a wide selection of a genre which is by all means a rarity in the cities bustling nightlife calendar, fitting jungle decor and one of Scotland’s most notorious sound systems fit for bass music to top it off. That said, what has really made it so special is the clan of revellers and DnB heads new and old that have gotten behind the night since first ‘unleashing their beast’. We thank you all for your support.

We’ve seen a roster of local guests pass through the booth over the past year - Jamin Nimjah (UTB#3), Snow Fox (UTB#5) and Markey / MC Rasta Locks (UTB#6) - to play alongside our residents Denney, RIZE and Pharo. Each of these has put their own spin on the night, from the heavy breaks and raggatek exemplified by Jamin, to the hip-hop/jungle and MC mash up at UTB#6. As episode #7 of our series approaches we’ve invited one of the most established local names we know, DomY2D, to join the roster for our biggest party to date, and we shall be celebrating the golden era of jungle in true Frogbeats fashion.

We can promise a lot more to come in 2013. A long overdue and nostalgic return of one of our long lost bretherin Pharo is on the cards for January - he’s been in Toronto for the last 6 months and is returning a formidable vinyl selection for you to feast on. More Scottish guests are also to be announced. 

Here’s a look back at some of our favourite moments over the past year. Well, the ones that we’ve got evidence of. The rest, as they say, is history.

UTB#1 - Our first poster, designed by Pharo, was designed and printed within a week of booking the date. Fortunately we managed to get almost 200 folk down!

UTB#2 - Our second edition was all caught on camera. The footage speaks for itself.

We really do enjoy a bit of production.

This piece of artwork was given to us by Lacey Carter, an exchange student at Glasgow School of Art.


We asked Denney if he could use his artistic skills to depict the beast as a mask that we could wear. This is what he came up with. Sort of a mix between the pig’s head from the film Saw and Seasick Steve, but that’s open to interpretation.

UTB#4 - The Beast getting down on the dancefloor.

UTB#5 - The Beast has certainly taken a hold of this one. Probably our favourite snap of the year.

UTB#6 - Denney, MC Rasta Locks, RIZE and Markey.

Live recordings:

Frogbeats Glasgow’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

Much love,

The Frogbeats Crew