Frogbeats Broadcast Launch

By Owen Fenn

In the last few months Glasgow has propelled itself from a city with a good nightlife to a city where there is so much on every weekend, when the inevitable Friday night question: ‘where are you going tonight?’ is posed, the response is often ‘come to this instead!’. Even if by some musical miracle you do manage to coordinate a night out with all your friends, at a tenner in to most clubs - that’s the only place you’re going to this weekend, mate. 

With such a thriving nightlife and world renowned DJs popping over every weekend, it is easy to forget the amount of talent residing in Glasgow all year long. That’s why we’re giving you (yes you!) the opportunity to see some of the very best local talent do their thing broadcasted live right here, on this very website. What have we called it? Frogbeats Broadcast. Luckily we’re the only ones lacking in imagination, and we’re not making the music.

Kicking off Thursday the 17th of May with one of our stupidly talented monthly club night residents - Denney - we can guarantee good times with none of those bad ones. Supplementing the good times will be a short interview with the artist in the spotlight, and probably lots of alcohol. So, sit down and watch some of the best talent Glasgow has to offer from the comfort of your living room. Oh, and it’s all free - don’t say we’re not the epitome of generosity. In fact, say it.