Eden Festival 2013: Preview

Written by: Max Walker
Edited by: Russell McMahon

As the last exhalation of winter passes like the final breath of a consumptive miser, we at Frogbeats HQ are filled with thoughts of summer. The sun shines ever so sweetly outside our Glasgow office, drying out and beautifying the dog turds and locals alike. It is time to step outside, and be taken by the breeze. This weekend, the wind leads us to Eden Festival, located near the historic town of Moffat in Dumfries and Galloway.

For those who seek an escape from the drudgery of routine, Eden provides an alternative to joining the corporate sponsored exodus of lager soaked office drones - amongst the woodland and meadows of Galloway a more holistic festival experience can be discovered. The dramatic setting is just as critical as the myriad of acts and activities in augmenting one’s escape from regularity, where nature is complemented by an environment replete of psychedelic sculpture and billowing canvas.

Highlights this year include everyone’s favourite spacebound smeg-head Craig Charles and his award winning 6music funk and soul show, the electro-swing trailblazers Caravan Palace and our personal hot pick, up and coming Edinburgh based ska ensemble Victorian Trout Conspiracy. And lets not forget to mention that perpetual object of our admiration, D&B legend Shy-FX. Being, as we are, the power behind Glasgow’s best loved D&B night Unleash the Beast (bi-monthly, Thursdays, Sub Club) you can bet your surviving grandparent the Frogbeats crew will be havin’ it large.

Whilst the sun still floats, Eden is very much a family friendly event, with activities such as face painting, story telling and craft workshops – as well as a massive hay fort, that provides a meeting point/ambush spot for old and young alike. There will be more than enough to provide yourself and your little ones with both lifelong memories and opportunities for new friendships, in a safe and welcoming environment. A quiet camping area is provided for when the fun becomes too much, and sleep beckons.

So we at Frogbeats urge you to join us as we descend upon the woods for a weekend of wholesome, homebrew, hump-de-bumping fun! Come have your taste buds tickled by a variety of of organic treats, both to snack and something substantial.

Its going to be a good one folks. We’ll see you there!

You can find more details or purchase your ticket on the Eden website.

Posted on June 5, 2013 .