Eden Festival 2014: Your Guide

Eden Festival 2014: Your Guide 
June 12th - 15th 2014 (Thu-Fri)
Raehills Meadows, Moffat
Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

By Russell McMahon

Eden is a music festival filled with colour, eccentricity and imagination. It will bring the child out in you. The zealous attitude surrounding the festival surpasses it’s size with dedicated organisers who have been consistently building it up year upon year by involving the surrounding community. It almost feels like a large family gathering of distant relatives. This year looks as if it will be the biggest year yet for the independent festival from the heart of the creative epicentre of Dumfries & Galloway. Lonely Planet have just included Eden in their top 10 festivals to visit in Europe this Summer (see right). It’s only 6 weeks away so if you haven’t bought your ticket yet then now is the time so you can start preparing your creatures of carnival costume which is the theme for 2014. Last year I went as a penguin for the ‘Under the Sea’ theme. 

 Hip-hop legends DE LA SOUL will be headlining, as well as all this: 

Eclecticism isn’t lacking in the Eden camp, in fact it’s brimming with it. There are 9 stages and plenty of other attractions on offer catering to a bit of this and a bit of that, each to there own style. The impressive decor around the field and on the stages is out of this world and they make it all themselves. Celtic and Folk roots remain at the heart of Eden so expect a lot of local acts as well bigger names. Funk, Soul, Balkan, Acoustic, Gypsy, Nu-Swing, Ska, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Jungle, Dub, Reggae and much much more can be expected from a vast array of DJs and bands. In addition, this years festival will see theatre troops and musicals added to the bill. There is something for everyone and for every mood. New stages have been added this year:

  • The Melodrom Theatre which will be hosting plays, comedy, impromptu music and plenty of other quirky entertainment.
  • The Lost Disco will be playing host to funky DJs and label parties in a flaming outdoor dance parlour. Definitely worth checking out, it will be hard to miss!
  • The Drive in Cinema will be a little getaway where you can hop aboard a modern / vintage vehicle and chill-out with your friends or significant other in front of the silver screen.

Spontaneity will be rife. Keep an open-mind, dive in and prepare for the unexpected. New, wierd and ridiculous experience are just around the corner. The festival is ingeniously laid out as a ring, so there is little chance you will get lost and a big chance you will come across people you know or meet throughout the weekend. You might turn a corner and come across a man in a suit playing and cycling a piano, a crowd of folk partying around a disco cab selling iced mojitos out the back of it, or a posse of wee rapscallions bouncing about having water fights and space hopper races. Wander in to the Furry Chillum for a cocktail from the tiki bar and expect to be immersed by the warm sounds of reggae, brass, ska and swing courtesy of this big boy (picture right).

Stumble over to the Voltan’s Psychadelic Temple and you’ll find hardened festival-goers going at it all weekend amongst psychedelic neon visuals.  If you need to get the blood flowing help a brother (or sister) out at the Cycle Powered Reggae Stage, the world’s only serious bike-powered soundsystem where the DJ will have you pedalling hard for bigger bass-lines. The Vishnu Lounge is a prime chill-out space and all plays kinds of music throughout the weekend. Based on an Indian wedding theme, the Vishnu Lounge is equipped with hammocks and bath tubs planted in the ground for you to relax in along with a cafe providing refreshments. Have you ever sat in a bathtub in the middle of a field after a night of partying with a cup of finely brewed Chai tea? It’s paradise. For all the headliners, bands, big visuals, and of course Mr Motivator’s step aerobics class on the Saturday, the Devorgilla Open Air stage is where it’s at.

It isn’t all about the music though. Eden prides itself on being a boutique festival and there’s plenty to see and do while you explore the arena. The Kidz Arena is a testament to how child-friendly the festival is (under 12s go free) supervised by a group of dedicated volunteers. Organisers are hoping ’to inspire new generations by providing a range of workshops and entertainment whilst being as sustainable as possible and promoting environmentally friendly arts and crafts in a natural setting’.  There will be plenty of opportunities to hone your circus skills at Spinning Jenny’s Circus. Poi, juggling balls and Diabolos are just as common at Eden as a pint of luke-warm Tennents is at T in the Park. Craft Workshops are also on offer so you don’t need to go the whole weekend without doing anything productive. Last year there was a massive paint fight on the Saturday afternoon, which has become a annual tradition amongst Edenites and a highlight of the weekend.

When things get a bit sweaty and you need to head back to your tent you can cool off in the river running alongside the campsite. Last year the Saturday was the hottest day of 2013. Alternatively stroll along a hidden valley just outside the main arena to the tranquility of the Mystic Sauna.

If words aren’t enough then here is the official footage from last year.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket NOW.

More info at www.edenfestival.co.uk

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Posted on May 6, 2014 .