Earphones = Relationships


Yes. Really. 

Your first pair of good earphones are like your first girlfriend. You’re infatuated by them, astounded by how lovely they are and don’t ever want to part with them. Of course, your first pair into the good stuff is still quite cheap… So they break. This is no ordinary break. They break past the warranty and are unfixable. You’re devastated with this and cannot fathom the idea of something better, or even equal to your first pair.

My first pair were the Sennheiser … oh I forget.

You hide from the world, not being able to afford or even look at new earphones, and you try your hardest to forget that first, beautiful pair. Months go by, and you’re coping with those shitty earphones that came free with your phone. 

Then you catch a glimpse, a mere glimpse of what could potentially be your next pair. You try hard to research them and wade through countless opinions from people… Until you’ve decided that it is time. It is time to take that next step and move on. You eagerly await their arrival, hoping that they will really be that good. They arrive. You’re wow’ed by their looks, their subtleness and their ability to astound every part you. Soon, you realise that your first pair sucked. They never fitted, you always had problems with them and they were average at best. You didn’t know that though, as you were infatuated by them. 

My second pair were the Etymotic ER6i’s.

You get attached, but only slightly. You can’t seem to understand why you can’t fully take the plunge with them, and you are constantly in search of something better. Then, as if a sign from God, they break on you. You are somewhat relieved that they didn’t last. They were only a bit of fun, but you wanted more. More juice, more comfort and more satisfaction…

The summer fling…

And then comes that time. You have nothing and you’ve just started your summer holidays. Of course, now you have to start searching. Doesn’t need to be a permanent replacement, just something that will tide you over until you’re working again and can concentrate on bigger and better things. You find the perfect replacement - They’re not too expensive, but they’re fun and they look great. They’re comfortable and sound nice, but nothing that holds you down. You have a great time with them - at the beach; in bed; going for walks. And just when you need them to, just when you’re boarding that plane back home, they break. They break so bad that they will never be fixed, and the warranty doesn’t cover that cable!

Those were the Ultimate Ears 700

You quickly go back into routine after the summer and go searching. Searching for that perfect pair that will replace all others. Or so you hope. Trundling through hundreds of opinions and thoughts, you decide on a new pair. You find them just at the right time and take the plunge. With every earphone, your wallet has taken a hit, and this time it’s twice that of any other. They sound great though, don’t they? Mine certainly did. They were full bodied, beautiful and nothing I had had before compared. I was buried in a world of my own. My music. Perfection. However, as we all know, perfection gets boring. You get used to it and it just isn’t the same any more. You look for something new, something exciting. You’ve become to used to them that it’s just routine, every day and every night. 

Those were my Westone 2’s

The present

Appropriately, they broke just when Frogbeats started. I was free of them and felt single. The need to be away from one specific pair. Of course, I have an excuse. I need to try them all out. I need to flirt with the idea of all of them, lead them on for a bit and then decide that maybe another pair will sound better, so I buy them in. And so my quest goes on for the perfect pair. It’s there, somewhere, and I feel it is very close. So close I can nearly hear them. 

My flirtations included, but are not exclusive :

  • Vsonic GR07
  • Sunrise Audio Xcape IE
  • Fischer Audio Tandem
  • HiSound Audio Crystal
  • MEElec A151
  • DUNU Ares
  • Fischer Audio FA-003

I hope you enjoyed that.

David Annez - Frogbeats Founder

Posted on October 25, 2011 .