Interview: Introducing Liquid Funktion + Mix

Liquid Funktion Ken & Jamie

In the past 6 years the Scottish D&B/Jungle scene has seen a flourish of new crews and the sound being broadcast at music festivals. There's a strong ethos of collaboration and respect amongst the scene, with a bunch of new soundsystems and crews sprouting up. In the past couple of years, Liquid Funktion - made up of Jamie and Ken, two of the friendliest faces you'll meet on the circuit - have played an integral part in pushing the sound on the East Coast. We're excited to bring them to Glasgow for the first time this Sunday at Sub Club! We caught up with them ahead of the party to download their musical knowledge and see what plans they have on the horizon.

Frogbeats: How did Liquid Funktion come to be?

Liquid Funktion: We were already DJing at parties across Edinburgh but wanted to fill a void in D&B scene with some more Liquid. Our first night was a charity fundraiser for Alzheimer's U.K. in the Annexe just over 2 years ago - £300 raised and a vibey evening. We still love the full spectrum of D&B and Jungle so try and cover as much as possible.

Frogbeats: What are your first memories of the Jungle / Drum & Bass Scene?

Ken: No one liking it when I put it on at the school disco….I think hearing Noisia - Stigma amongst some other gems during a warm-up set for The Prodigy in Glasgow about 10 years ago. After that, my first proper D&B night seeing Fabio & Grooverider, hearing liquid and jungle on a big system had me hooked.

Jamie: A big breakthrough for really getting into the genre for me was the Sub Focus first album when i was about 15, especially Timewarp and Last Jungle. As for the breakthrough event that got me hooked, it was at Cable London: Get Darker vs Drum & Bass Arena.

 Liquid Funktion regularly pack out at The Mash House in Edinburgh.

Liquid Funktion regularly pack out at The Mash House in Edinburgh.

Frogbeats: What is your favourite Scottish venue to play in?

Liquid Funktion: Our favourite venue is The Mash House, though Bongo is a close second which we’d like to play at more. Sub Club could change all that though...

Frogbeats: Where should we expect to see your name in the coming year?

Liquid Funktion: We’ve got 3 or 4 nights in Edinburgh to look forward to, Woodland Dance Project, plus a couple of ‘away’ shows. We’re always going to other Drum & Bass nights too and have a lot of time and respect for the people in the scene who keep it evolving.

 Some party.

Some party.

Frogbeats: You've recently had Inja and Spectrasoul booked for your nights (thanks for having us as well by the way!) - can we expect any other big bookings from the Liquid Funktion camp?

Liquid Funktion: Short answer - yes, but a little early to say who. 2-3 times a year is the plan. For as long as we feel there’s an opportunity to bring something a little different to the scene we’ll keep doing it.

Frogbeats: Which producers and DJs inspire you when preparing for a night?

Ken: Always been a fan of how varied DJ Marky’s sets are. Playing a set which can keep people on the dancefloor from start to finish is what I’m aiming for. Producer-wise, Fixate (Exit Records) is really on it right now.

Jamie: Alix Perez and Calibre for the variation they’ve brought over the years. Best DJ sets for me are seeing Goldie b2b Doc Scott smash a 4 hour Metalheadz boat party at Dimensions Festival in Croatia. Also, seeing Dave from SpectraSoul in London prior to the release of their 3rd album is a stand out. Prompted us to get them booked for Edinburgh!

Frogbeats: What about your dream booking?

Liquid Funktion: Ken Reid b2b Kenny Ken, (Jamie) BC b2b Bcee. Outside of D&B I’d love a Houndstooth takeover, Special Request, Akkord and Throwing Snow. IAMDDB somewhere too, we’ve been a huge fan of her for a while now.

Frogbeats: What is your best vinyl find?

Ken: Future Cut - Dainjah. Found it cheap and took me years to finally ID it with no label.

Jamie: LSB & DRS’ footnotes EP, pre-ordered before all the tunes had been released and it did not disappoint.

Frogbeats: If you could associate one track with Liquid Funktion, what would it be?

Liquid Funktion: Tough one, but probably Anushka - Never Can Decide (Ivy Lab Remix). Also Jamie’s excellent rendition of the Rodigan speech over Breakage - Together. Enough of the chat for now, “We don’t wanna make too many speeches cos its all about the music”

Frogbeats: Beautiful stuff! Thanks guys. Looking forward to Sunday.

Liquid Funktion: See you at Subby!

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