Join us for the "JUNGLE SUMMIT" Takeover at Kelburn Garden Party 2019


Take a 20-minute walk up a magical, apparently never-ending glen, past acoustic stages, waterfalls, pools of water with people swimming, crazy creatures that may or may not include a giant prawn or a moon, there might even be free tea on the way to keep you going, a hidden gem of this magical glen. You spot a hidden restaurant serving smoked salmon and wine, with views out over the West coast of Scotland from Largs. You're wondering to yourself, how the hell did I end up here? Eventually, out of breath but eyes as wide as a bam from Cambuslang and buzzing off your tits, hair windswept and interesting from 3 days of festival you end up at a forest clearing: The Beech Plateau. There’s a stage set up with an epic soundsystem, a sea hundreds of happy ravers and fire dancers all face painted and glittered up, skanking to the sweet sound of classic jungle. And we’re there too. Sound good? You bet your ass it does.

beach plateau.jpg

This might just be our most legendary session yet.
We’ve been enlisted to curate a 3 hour takeover at Kelburn Garden Party 2019.
Make the pilgrimage to the JUNGLE SUMMIT. Sunday 7th July at 7-10pm at Kelburn Garden Party 2019.

+ MC Bass Monkey!