The Jungle Is Not Massive

Jungle Not Massive - banner.png

The Environment is something we care deeply about. Observers have stated that we have 18 months until we reach a critical point in the climate crisis. We all need to start doing our bit. In July 2019 we started a project called The Jungle Is Not Massive, which will be a campaign using clubbing & music as a way to tackle the climate crisis and get people thinking about one of the biggest issues of our time. As part of this, we are donating atleast £1 from every ticket sold at our events to help re-establish native forest in the North of Scotland. We have started a grove in association with Trees For Life, a brilliant charity. As we donate more more money from each event, the grove will grow, eventually creating a belt of native, mixed woodland to help balance out the environment. As part of this, we are also working with venues to eliminate single-use plastics at our events or establish zero plastic alternatives. We urge everyone to make environmentally-conscious decisions and do what you can to tackle the climate crisis.

The first in this series of nights will be at The Blue Arrow (GLA) on Friday 2nd August.
Entry is £5, with £1 of every ticket going to towards planting more trees in our Frogbeats forest grove: