Twisted Kaleidoscope: The Insight

By Christina Knowles & Russell McMahon

They came as a savior for one of Scotland’s smallest town in a time when they needed a party the most, and now they have big ideas. Perth house and techno collective Twisted Kaleidoscope is attracting house nuts from all over the shire and further afield for their wild parties, particularly their annual 12-hour all day party, built on the foundations of discerning bookings, mesmorising light shows and an ethos of fun. Past guests are in the calibre of the likes of locally acclaimed DJ’s Hans Bouffmyhre, Esa, Milton Jackson and Christopher Kelly and only spanning bigger. Whether your familiar with the DJ’s or not, TK certainly deserves a place on your ‘nights out I need to go to’ list - trust us, you’ll have a bloody good time. 

This month the collective turns two years old, and to celebrate it Sam Russo has been booked in for his Scottish debut. We caught up with Twisted Kaleidoscope founders Findlay Jamieson and Garry Traill ahead of their big night to get an insight in to their world.

What originally gave you the idea for TK and how did the original concept take shape?

Gaz:Back in 2010 we started getting asked to do private party’s after noising up many angry neighbours in various flats and houses across Perth. People liked our sound so we decided to try our own night with our own rules and on Christmas Eve that year Twisted K was born!
Garry Traill, Resident. 

Fin: We didn’t actually have an idea to be honest. It just sort of happened! Gaz and me started out dj’ing at friends parties, from there we were offered our first gig in a bar in town. It was on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago. We played for beer and only our friends turned up, things have changed a bit now. It was a lot simpler back then. We kept up doing the free parties for a while and it grew from there. We started booking guests and added a couple of DJ’s to the TK roster. We’ve just been plugging away since and soon we will be celebrating our 2nd birthday. Its just been a natural progression really.

Findlay Jamieson, Resident.

How and why did you establish your relationship with the Ice Factory and why do you feel it suits you as a venue?

Gaz: After doing a few of our own nights and having the opportunity to play alongside Slam we were approach by the owners and ended up with a weekly residency in ‘That Bar’ which eventually led to us being residents on nights when the Ice Factory was open. We suddenly realised how great this venue was and put plans in motion to have our first Twisted K there. It suits us a venue as there are no noise limits, 3 different rooms with there own unique style, and a courtyard area for a bit of outdoor fun! No club in a 50 mile radius can offer us that. Almost perfect!

What have been your highlights during the time you’ve been running the night?

Gaz: Ahh Esa was an easy one! We first saw him at Bigfoot’s Tea Party’s all-dayer in early July, Esa played round about tea time. Was probably one of the best sets I’ve heard this year. He tore it up with his live percussion over funky pumping house. The crowd response was insane and we thought to ourselves that we need to bring this man to Perth, and that was that!

I don’t think that the night could have went any better. The crowd loved him and his passion on the decks (and bongos), we’d have him back anytime.

Fin: There’s been so many highlights over the last couple of years, it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few. The all day party was amazing fun! The first time we had Simon Stokes was a riot too. Simon and Chris (Kelly) played back to back at the afters for hours. Unfortunately law enforcement put a stop to Simon’s set after several hours!

The night we done with Kollektiv was another one, we had Harvey McKay, the night was a sell out. The Casbah (smallest room in the Ice Factory) was totally rammed and Harvey smashed the place to bits. Esa was amazing too, the vibe was unreal that night. Playing back to back with Milton (Jackson) was a great experience and a personal highlight for me too.

What are your current plans for future TK events and who would you potentially be interested in working with in the future?

Gaz: In the future we plan on more collaboration’s with some of Scotland’s top nights as well as sticking to our usual high quality production. Always nice to bring something new to town!

Expect plenty of lasers.

We like to keep tight lipped about our future guests, all I can say is that we’re going to go bigger, possibly bring in some artists from overseas.

Fin: We have our 2nd Birthday Party this Saturday at The Ice Factory. For the occasion we have Leftroom’s Sam Russo coming up to Perth for his Scottish debut. Also our friends at Headway have asked us to join them and Autodisco for their Hogmanay party at Reading Rooms, Derrick Carter is headlining the night. Really chuffed to be asked, Derrick is one of our favorites. He blew us away at Rockness in 2011, we can’t wait to see him play again. As for future projects we’re not giving too much away. We can say that we’re looking at international guests, all day parties and plenty of Funktion-one. 

You can see all the details for their 2nd birthday party on Saturday 22nd December here.

Posted on April 1, 2013 .