Lektion (Lesson)

Stumbled upon a collective called Den Sorte Skol today courtesy of a lovely chap, Mayawaska, who recently put together a Transcontinental mix for our Broadcast series. They are a 3-piece from Copenhagen and have put together some of the most beautiful mixes I have heard with the concept of taking hundreds of samples, from dozens of records, from all over the world.

Their latest mix, Lektion III, is available for download (available in FLAC/WAV). If you are not skinto, then you should drop them a donation via their site to keep their work going.

"Lektion III is a 1,5 hour-long journey through music history and beyond build from thousands of sampled pieces lifted off more than 250 old vinyl records from 51 different countries on six continents. A musical odyssey that blends everything from Moroccan traditional songs, Indian hymns and field recordings of Cameroonian Pygmies to forgotten Yugoslav psych, French avant-garde rock and early German electro into a dark and giddy, genre-melting trip.”

Click here their website.

By Russell McMahon