Happy 1st Birthday Frogbeats!

Celebrations are in order! Frogbeats is turning one year old, and what a year it has been. So how did it all begin?


The idea for Frogbeats began back in Spring 2011 after founders David Annez and Russell McMahon had finished their first year of university. The inspiration behind it came largely after a very drunken chat after a night out, but also fueled by the vibrant music scene in Glasgow and from our general love of music. We wanted to get involved in the culture and we thought the best way to do this was through something we knew well and something that everyone would enjoy -awesome sounding earphones.

It was on the Wednesday the 6th of July 2011 that we officially launched our website and home, frogbeats.com. Everything you see was designed and developed by David Annez (Founder/Managing Director) and Jeffrey Meulenbroeks, a very talented designer and friend of David’s. Jeffrey is the man behind our awesome logos. Many people have asked us where the name Frogbeats came from. It randomly came to David in his sleep, there actually wasn’t much thought put into it. He literally woke up, wrote it down and voila - Frogbeats was born. Who knows why he was thinking about frogs, but it works.


At first we offered just two models of earphones - the Sunrise Audio ‘XCape IE’ and ‘Xcited’. Two sibling models chosen because we wanted to offer two completely different desireable sound signatures so that our customers could introduce people who didn’t know much about earphones to the idea of high-end earphones and the different sound signatures that they offer, in short - to the world of audiophiles. As the Frogbeats brand grew it got to the point where earphones were being sold-out in pre-order to our amazement.

Now we have a solid range of over 20 IEM’s and headphones from smaller manufacturers all over the world - Fischer Audio, VSonic, DUNU, HiSound Audio and MEElectronics. Models that aren’t the easies to get your hands on, and you’d only know about it if you were in the loop, so to speak.

Unfortunately the summer has seen less activity in the restocks of what we are distributing, however we’ve made a choice to set up something very special.

In the interest of making things more fun and entertaining we began a DnB/Jungle night at Sub Club in our hometown of Glasgow. We’ve met some amazing people all along the way. Now, entering our second year, we’re about to launch of our own brand of CIEM’s, there’s talk of taking Frogbeats to a label and a lot more involvement with the Scottish music scene.


We hope that all of our customers around the world are satisfied with what we’re doing, and expecting more to come. We hope the Frogbeats family continues to grow strong.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone that’s helped us out and worked with us over the past 12 months - manufacturers, reviewers, promoters, DJ’s, designers, printers, models, photographers and of course the great support we have had from our loving friends and families.

Much love,

The Frogbeats Team

Posted on July 6, 2012 .