Audio Soup 2013: Preview

Words by: Max Walker (below)
imageEdited by: Russell McMahon

No two ways about it, we’ve had a good summer. August will soon give way to the amber leaves of September, but we beseech you to not quite pack away your sleeping bags and dancing shoes just yet, because the sunny season is yet to offer one last bash. As Scotland strives towards independence so do its upcoming festivals, and none more so than grass-roots music event AUDIO SOUP. Taking place out at the picturesque Back Braids, Dunbar, this weekend (30th Aug – 2nd Sept) the festival, going onto it’s fourth year, will play host to a vast array of unsigned acts without the impersonal influence of corporate sponsorship. We can provide our guarantee as scholars, gentlemen and reprobates that in AUDIO SOUP you’ll find an event that rides high on carnival spirit and bacchanalian energy, catering (as it does) for all tastes and creeds. It really is a festival by the people, for the people.

Allow us to shine the spotlight on four acts that display what it’s all about.


Ben ‘Jamin Nimjah’ Parkes is a young raggamuffin born in Brixton but Edinburgh raised - out on the mud is where he spent most of his days. Recently having completed an Art degree in Aberdeen he resides now in Edinburgh’s Southside, where he continues in a life of sonic experimentation. Perhaps best known for his frequent representation in the east coast junglist/hardtek scene and bringing the bass as a founding member of the BBL sound system, his repertoire more than proves his pedigree not just as a musician, but as an artist. Soon to be released on Core Collective Records, you’ll be hard pressed to find a lad with a more exquisite understanding of exactly why jungle is forever the tonic for what ails you.

Find JAMIN NIMJAH @the Wub Hut, 10pm, Sunday.

imageThe Notorious ‘Wub Hut’, built and ready to go for this weekend.


We last saw the hugely talented Rebecca Vasmant around a year ago at an undercrowded night in Glasgow’s premier techno sweat box, La Cheeta on Queen St. The crowd of 40 or so west coast gurners writhed and pulsed like a nest of decapitated cobras – we highly recommend you take the opportunity to find out why. Its been a busy year for Ms Vasmant, having played in over 20 countries as part of the Ministry of Sound International Tours. Her sets tend to inhabit that spectrum that ranges from techno to house and nu-jazz, with a special prevarication for demoniacally hypnotic loops that promise to tickle your pickle in a way that would cause even the village priest to renounce his sacred vows. In fact, we’re listening to her ‘Journey through Techno’ mix as these words are being written, and so strong is the temptation to ignore the fact I’ve got ungrateful European teenagers to teach in the morning I might just slap on a string vest, grab a bottle of Evian and bust my suburban groove.However, it is more likely I’ll wait until the weekend.



We at Frogbeats like nothing more than bigging up our favourite local acts, in the hope that they become your favourite local acts. A group that we will happily harp on about until the fish come home is THE VICTORIAN TROUT CONSPIRACY, the interestingly monikered Edinburgh-based ska act. Its been a big year for the Trout, having played festivals such as Eden (see previous articles) and Wickerman. Currently they live in that delicate space between wider recognition and pub gigs –has it been a year already since they performed that excellent night at our preferred coastal drinking-hole, the Three Monkeys in Portobello? Believe the hype, and bathe in hipster credit by going to see them now, before the inevitable descent of fame means they’re lost forever to the charms of limousines and rarefied sexual gratuity.
 Find VTC @BY THE RIVERS, time TBC, Sunday.

Chimping VS LSD-licious : Nelly Roger Showdown

And finally, for the bold hearted. Straight outta Yorkshire ‘Nelly Roger’ bring the fire with a ruffneck mashup of future jungle, juke, mutant bass and cosmic crunk. This duo bring something slightly different to the fore.

"Two hours of basswarped madness to dilate your pupils and re-arrange your neural pathways."

This experimental mix of sounds is likely to be something new to a lot of you but don’t be shy - it will be a welcome addition to your life if you like all things glitchy, ridonculous and flailing around with fellow party goers like salmon bound up river.

Juicy Jungle by Lsd-Licious on Mixcloud

Find them on Sunday 8pm-10pm @the WUB HUT


You can still purchase tickets and find the full line-up for the weekend on the Audio Soup website.

Post event write up to follow! Stay tuned…