Russell McMahon

Co-founder, Event Producer, DJ

A.K.A Sombadi, has overseen Frogbeats' journey through the Glasgow music and club scene. From the early days of pioneering and distributing earphones, his fine-tuned ear and openness to new sounds have brought him from quality earphone distributor to nightlife innovator.


James Harrison

Co-founder, Designer, DJ

A.K.A Pharo. Art, music and nature are inseparable according to Pharo. On his path to becoming a dynamic figure in the Glasgow cultural scene, these three elements have continually interchanged.


Alex Holman

Producer, DJ, Designer

A.K.A Rize. As a drummer, it was the complex patterns and heavy percussion that drew Rize to jungle music. From the drumkit to the decks, today Alex’s multi-layered mixes unfurl to reveal his extensive knowledge of the genre.

Peter Tolhurst

Event Producer, DJ

A.K.A Thirty6Pinz's passion for techno and dance music has made him a formidable floor filler with a penchant for oldschool jungle. A true crate digger with a wide selection of unknown music.


James Denney

Producer, DJ

A.K.A Tuscan Whale. It was through freepartying and raving in Manchester that Tuscan Whale first acquired a taste for jungle and D&B, fast forward a decade and he’s putting out weekly masterful sets onto Facebook live from his a mahogany clad study. The venue isn’t as rowdy but the tunes still are.

Colin MaClean

Producer, DJ, Visual Artist

A.K.A Odolwa. Alongside his productions, Colin has pursued the cutting-edge art of VJing, personifying the multifaceted creative network that Frogbeats aims to create. He is interested in how sensory ebbs and flows can draw someone into a space, be it through a sound system or a projector.


Kris Allan


A.K.A Kriminal. A quality selector of jungle, grime, garage and all things bass.


Jamie McDonald

DJ, Event Producer

A.K.A J.M.D. The capacity for trickery attracted J.M.D to Hip-Hop and Jungle but he has played sets of every style of dance music imaginable, from US House and Garage to Belgian Techno and Rotterdam Gabba.