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Frogbeats are an evolving collective of DJs, artists and designers, united by a passion for jungle, bass and breaks. The events production company was founded in 2011, by Russell McMahon and James Harrison, with their trailblazing ‘Unleash the Beast’ nights at the Sub Club, the collective have installed themselves in the most renowned venues across the city, instilling the drum & bass and jungle sound they are best known for firmly in the panoramic of Glasgow nightlife.

On the journey through Glasgow’s music scene, the Frogbeats team has worked with numerous styles and collaborators. Scantily Clad ran from 2012 to 2014 combining the feel-good rhythms of jazz and swing and modern electronic stylings. The night was booked out by Cabaret Voltaire for the opening night of The Fringe Festival in 2014.

A collaboration with hip-hop handymen Handpicked brought together the bass-happy sounds of classic hip-hop and cutting edge drum and bass. Running from 2015 to 2017, the nights attracted sell-out crowds to the Art School. In 2018, the Frogbeats and Keep it Rolling teams have forged an explosive collaboration of bass-heavy tunes and audience-heavy nights in Broadcast, Flat 0/1, Sub Club with more nights in the pipeline.

Getting out of the city, Frogbeats traverse the terrain of Scotland’s festival fields. Regulars at Audio Soup, Kelburn Garden Party and Deoch an Dorus festivals, the DJ collective play out sets from jungle to funk to rare groove.

Frogbeats is an open house for new creative ideas which they cultivate and develop. They have brought live graffiti and a jumbo-Roland 303 into the club environment, all the while supporting the varied artistic talents of their constituent members. These talents span from screenprinting to video-making, establishing their reputation as a diverse and ever-evolving collective.


DJ Vadim
K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade
Abdominal & The Obliques
Rebecca Vasmant
Sam Binga (Critical Music)
Stray (Criticial Music)
Breezak Bass (Bass Alliance)
MLW (Philanthrobeats)
JMD (Junglism)
DJ Markey
Jamin Nimjah
CC Sounds
Bann Fada (Samson Sounds)
Liquid Funktion
Keep It Rolling


The Art School (Glasgow) | Sub Club (Glasgow) | Stereo (Glasgow) | Make Do (Glasgow) | Inn Deep (Glasgow) | Tamesis Dock (London) | Cabaret Voltaire (Edinburgh) | Audio Soup Festival (East Lothian, Scotland) | Eden Festival (Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland) | Deoch An Dorus (Isle of Arran)