Who We Are

Russell McMahon
Project Manager / DJ (Sombadi) / Co-founder
A marketing student with over 4 years of experience in event management. Russell keeps things running over behind the scenes with an aim to bridge the gaps between people, the arts and business.

James Harrison
Graphic Designer / DJ (Pharo) / Co-founder
A GSA graduate in Graphic Design with a growing portfolio of projects you can see at www.jharrisondesign.com. James has a knack for detail and specialises in print making, bookbinding and photography.

James Denney
DJ (Tuscan Whale) / Producer
Studied Fine Art at GSA and Audio Engineering at SAE. Denney has a sound knowledge of music production having produced music from a young age and continues to find interesting, forward-thinking directions for his music with an ambition to combine visual elements into his live shows.

Alex Holman
Designer / DJ (Rize) / Producer

Jamie McDonald
DJ (JMD) / Co-promotor

Colin MaClean
DJ (Odolwa) / Producer / VJ


When Frogbeats started out in 2010 it was an ambitious project by three students who were audiophiles and wanted to start a business. The idea was to bring high-end, carefully sourced and good value earphone from around the world to the UK. We imported from the likes of Fischer Audio (Russia) and V-Sonic (Asia), and in 2011 we expanded our range to include Frogbeats Custom In-ear Monitors (and we got some good reviews too). However, after a couple of years the original team grew up, got jobs and went their separate ways. Since then Frogbeats moved on from earphones to events. 

Our most renowned project is Unleash The Beast - a Drum & Bass/Jungle showcase - which began when we did (as event promotors) in December 2011. We managed to get a residency at the renowned venue Sub Club on Jamaica Street, Glasgow. It was one of the very few nights of its ilk in Glasgow where we brought in local Scottish DJ's and producers as guests to play alongside our residents. At the time the collective consisted of Russell (Sombadi), James (Pharo) and Denney (Tuscan Whale). The night successfully ran for two and a half years at Sub Club before we decided to broaden our horizons and approach new venues. You can read a bit more about the night in this Sub Club post. We also ran another series of nights called 'Scantily Clad', a jazz-centric night where the concept was 'bringing the 1930's swing era to the clubs of today'. These were sporadic and nomadic, we played at various venues in Glasgow (Chambre 69, Make Do, Stereo) and we also had a big show in Edinburgh at Cabaret Voltaire to kick of The Fringe in 2014. We have organised events with the likes of Samson Sounds, Handpicked, Eden Festival and iAM.

Since then we've spent a few years trying out new things, learning from each other as we go and taking each new project as it comes. The collective now consists of 6 artists and is growing by a member a year. Frogbeats is essentially a platform for upcoming artists to collaborate and put out material. The team have various skills within design, music and events, with many of us coming from a background as students at the Glasgow School of Art. Glasgow has had a major impact on us as musicians and over the years we have developed to become more open with our musical output, often ranging between jungle, dub, hip-hop and funk (if you want to put a label on it). We also keep a blog and a podcast series which focus on underground music and local artists. One of our big things has been introducing live elements to the nights in the form of performers, live art/visuals and live instrumentation. The result has been a label that is more freestyle in it's musical ethos.

In 2015 we have began appearing on the ever-growing Scottish festival circuits. Frogbeats have been representing at Deoch N Dorus, Eden Festival, Audio Soup, Kelburn Garden Party, Doune the Rabbit Hole, Mugstock and Knockengorroch.

Our plans for 2015/16 include a
Jungle/Hip-hop crossover showcase on the regular at The Art School, in collaboration with local label Handpicked and our annual Sweet Boat Party in London in the Summer. But we assure you, there will be more.


K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade
Abdominal & The Obliques
Rebecca Vasmant
Sam Binga (Critical Music)
Stray (Criticial Music)

Breezak Bass (Bass Alliance)
MLW (Philanthrobeats)
JMD (Junglism)
DJ Markey
Jamin Nimjah
CC Sounds
Bann Fada (Samson Sounds)


The Art School (Glasgow) | Sub Club (Glasgow) | Stereo (Glasgow) | Make Do (Glasgow) | Inn Deep (Glasgow) | Tamesis Dock (London) | Cabaret Voltaire (Edinburgh) | Audio Soup Festival (East Lothian, Scotland) | Eden Festival (Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland) | Deoch An Dorus (Isle of Arran)